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Frankly, the situation is that one person can deal with one call at one time, by definition this is very time consuming; but via email because that question will already have been asked in the past we can reply to many emails in the time that it takes to answer one call, for this reason we strongly urge you to email your query if at all possible. This way you will usually find that the answer is much more detailed, with a quicker response and a unique tracking reference.

From over thirty years of trading we can also gather that people are often not pleased with the out come of a call to us, as we are not able to deal with the tracking / delivery / damage question to there satisfaction, this is a UK carrier limitation for our type of national product.

We are NOT able to provide order tracking over the phone, simply because there is no real time tracking on our type of product as it has to be hand handled and not bar coded, furthermore because we use a national carrier the items need to be located manually, this involves us contacting the carriers head office, them contacting there local depot and the local depot contacting the driver to check your order is on the lorry for that days delivery, and what time etc.

We are not able to change orders over the phone, the order was made in writing so we need changes in writing, also telephone staff do not have access to all online information, sorry but we are an Internet company, many companies now offer no phone support,

We are primarily Internet company and have no shop or showroom. We do not offer telephone support on a large scale, we have eighteen separate telephone numbers at our offices and quite often this is not enough to cope with demand, However sometimes all of the lines are available at the same time, there is no apparent pattern to this.

The majority of online companies such as Ryanair, edirectory, Google, Amazon, ebay, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista etc. do not offer ANY telephone support, this is part of the new economy and is necessary to cut down costs so that customers can benefit by lower prices.

Indeed, we think you will find it increasingly difficult to contact many UK companies whether internet based or not; unless of course they have a call centre in India or similar place where labour costs are considerably lower

We have however tried to reach a compromise and offer a limited service but this is really geared up to pre sales enquiries and not customer service or support because often these type of issues cannot be resolved over the telephone and need to be notified in writing anyway so that each party has a formal, dated, traceable copy of the correspondence

Customer satisfaction is our top priority; We are sorry if you have had problems contacting anybody by phone but we never have marketed our selves as a one on one sales company, our forte is the best possible QUALITY products, the biggest range and extremely competitive prices from a fast efficient 24/7 service all year round

contact our live help Online pre-sales and technical help at the bottom right hand corner on most screens

We are aware that it is often easier to explain your requirements over the phone and talk to a real person, for this reason we provide phone support, however please bear in mind that we only have limited phone staff and so it is often difficult to get through, we do not have a call queuing system because we are aware of how frustrating that can be with hanging on the telephone for long periods of time.

Additionally of course if you email us a query we both have  a copy in writing and so avoid any misunderstanding.

Email is the quickest and easiest way to contact us; you can do that here

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Telephones are attended from 7.00 AM to Midday & 2.00pm 4.00 PM Monday to Friday excluding public holidays

You can email us at

Fax us on 0844 357 6970

Telephone on 0844 884 2625 (Calls to this number will cost 7p per a minute, your telephone provider (including mobile providers) may add an additional access charge) or 01162 160 737 (Head Office, Leicester). Please note that the office phone line is only fully attended from 7.30am >12pm & 2pm and 4pm Monday > Friday excluding public holidays. Orders cannot be tracked over the phone. Please email us for order tracking

Telephones are attended from 7.00 AM to 4.00 PM Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Please note limited staff Midday to 2.00pm

Some limited phone support is generally available on Saturday mornings

Thank you for your patience and understanding


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Office Fax 0844 357 6970


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